Oregon Lottery

Oline Lottery

Taking a gander at the state of the art, the Oregon Lottery is not short on technology. There is a dedicated mobile app for your smartphone, a web portal, and a dedicated webstore that caters to the masses. Aside from the obvious lottery tickets and slot machines, the OLG has also tamed the gambling halls and brought sports betting to the masses. For those looking to get a piece of the action without having to leave their home state, the OLG is the place to be.

Using a state of the art gaming system, the Oregon Lottery has a plethora of games and formats to choose from. From single state and multi state scratch cards, to instant win games and weekly jackpots, Oregon Lottery has a game for everyone. The OLG has also taken the time to create educational games for kids, and adults of all ages. The most coveted prize is the jackpot courtesy of the OLG, which is available to all residents and non residents alike. With the advent of the internet, Oregon Lottery has also retooled its website to make it more user friendly. It is also the first state lottery in the nation to offer the ability to pay by credit card, as opposed to requiring a player to be at least 18. It is also the first state lottery to offer online play, a feat that has remained unmatched since 2012. One of the biggest benefits of playing online is the ability to win prizes from the comfort of your own home. In addition to the game, the OLG has also remodeled its offices, allowing employees to enjoy the same level of convenience and comfort that the residents enjoy. The company’s headquarters has also recently completed a ten year lease on a new office space in downtown Portland.